Music Videos

  • I like to make Music-based videos whether featuring “Stars” like reggae icon Alpha Blondy and world-famous jazz composers like Steve Lacy or improvised street musicians.
  • Music Videos are a must-have to promote the sale of music recordings, boosted by the power of video-sharing sites like YouTube.
  • One of my latest one, western-movie style, has been selected at the 2010 Ashland Independent Film Festival


  • Here is music video-promenade in a luxuriant Oregonian park during Summer time. Nature, light and an overall peaceful atmosphere of poetic inspiration are combined with this soothing Pachelbel’s Canon in D rehearsal to relax our mind.

  • Alpha Blondy, one of the world’s most popular Reggae artists, singing a capella “Les larmes de Thérèse”




  • more on my YouTube channel’s “My music” playlist.

  • and a more recent one from India, in which Music plays a big role: