Fires in Merlin, OR

Here are a few pictures of the fires in Merlin I just took around 4:50pm this afternoon. According to the local news, at 2:25pm today, a vehicle caught fire while driving on Brookside Blvd. near the Merlin Airport and its flames spread to the brush.

A second fire was later reported in the 700 block of Merlin road.

The firefighters, with the help of helicopters, are still on the sites but the worst seems to be  over.

Update: I went back riding my bike this evening, while the Concert in Merlin Park was up and running, the firefighters were still working and the fire was almost completely contained by the sunset.

Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-01Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-02 Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-03 Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-04 - NBC5 News reporter Roma Villavicencio © 2013 MARC BOUSSAT PICTURES Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-05 Merlin Fire 07/18/2013-06


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