Improvements in the works, be one of the first to subscribe to my YouTube channel

Two weeks ago I received an invitation, as a YouTube partner and meeting all the requirements, to enroll in a 2 week program to “Maximize Your Channel”. It’s the  first pilot course from the YouTube Creator Academy. The course was divided into 6 lessons (3 each week) with videos in English, activities to try out what we’ve learned on our channel, and assessments to check how we were doing. We also had optional community components with the Google Groups forum and Google+ Page to connect to our classmates and teaching staff. We could also hang out with YouTube pros in the Google+ Hangouts on Air. I learned some tips about the new One Channel Design, the importance of subscribers, the video trailer (I even made a new one) etc…

I just completed the course in time for today’s deadline! I’m ready to maximize my channel and invite you need to subscribe to it


Here is a also a link to the Creator Playbook, helpful resource to the creative process on YouTube.


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