Wildfire in Grants Pass this afternoon

A Wildfire started this afternoon alongside the freeway between the two Interstate 5’s Grants Pass exits, 55 and 58. Earlier in the afternoon all seemed so quiet in this area where I took some pictures of Lamas or Alpacas grazing in the fields on Jones Creek Road. Later, around 4:15 pm, I was walking on the Pedestrian Bridge  where plumes of smoke were alarming (see pictures). According to the latest news, we still don’t know how this fire started. Let’s hope all the efforts and the crews there to stop it will succeed as soon as possible. But we all need to be very cautious whether smoking cigarettes, barbecuing,  or driving vehicles which backfire.

Grants Pass 053113-02Grants Pass Wildfire 053113-01Grants Pass Wildfire 053113-02

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